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let's get this party STARTED


Ex-men: Future Generation Roleplay
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This is the roleplay central for exmen. All applications, notifications, and general rp-related conversation will be posted there. The actual roleplay will happen here. Any non-roleplay related posts will be deleted without warning. I expect you to have read this first, before posting. And I don't mean to sound like a Nazi bitch, I'm just impatient with stupid people. :)


Only accepted members of exmen will be able to post, being as this is the roleplay community for that RPG. ^^ Posts made by anyone else will be redirected to that community and then deleted here.

How RPing Will Work
All roleplay will occur here. exmen will be used only for applications, notices, and general rp-related conversation.

All posts must be headed with a title following this format:
"RPG Thread: (Character Name) (Location)" in order to avoid confusion as to where each character is and such. For example, if I was going to post as Farai, I might put "RPG Thread: Farai at the Supermarket, NYC" in the subject line. That way, everyone knows where everyone else is at all times, no one can be two places at once, and you always know who's posting and where they are.

You must write in story format. That is, not asterisks to indicate actions, and no writing in script format (i.e. Person: blahblahblah). You may write in either first or second person.

Here's how rping with commence: One person posts the beginning of a scenario. The title of this entry must include their character's name, at least; the setting is optional. If you'd like one particular character to join, you may also post their name in the title, inviting them to join the party. After that, people may post comments onto the post to continue the rping goodness. To begin another scene elsewhere (and to avoid everyone rushing to one person's post and completely cluttering it), someone else may simply make another entry.

The only thing you really need to know is that all characters live either in Buffalo or in New York City, New York, or in one of the surrounding cities (for the purposes of character interraction). There is no set storyline at the moment, so as it is, just get warmed up, get some character development and interaction going, and have some fun!

hipthrust/savvyrp ("Savvy" Savera Lee) ♥ mod/founder
sailor_phobos (Rave) ♥ active member
thanoodles/n00dles_rp (Noodles) ♥ active member
acanti (Charissa) ♥ active member
burnslikeice (Leiko) ♥ active member
danc3thrusunday/leeannarrpii (LeeAnn) ♥ active member
otoselkie/sophmutie (Annagen Eva) ♥ active member

[sailor_phobos] Dara Shula + 18 + fire and shadows = Shadowcatcher
[thanoodles] Sara Smith + 16 + metamorphosis and memory = Reflex
[thanoodles] Alexander Parker + 19 + interchanging consciousness = Exchange
[thanoodles] Laura Pereira + 22 + vital energy exchange = Red
[hipthrust] Farai Jelani + 20 + sleep and dreams = Hypnos
[hipthrust] Freya Steinbeck + 25 + sound = Sonata
[hipthrust] Kara D'Angelo + 18 + touch-based memory and simulation = Tactile
[hanyou_hikaru] Sasha M. Farley + 13 + water = Ula (pending)
[acanti] Rachel Lin + 17 + temporal stasis = Timeframe
[burnslikeice] Rhea Peitterson + 27 + light energy, etc. = Kurayami
[danc3thrusunday] Damien Weiman = 17.5 + retractable tail, speed, and agility
[danc3thrusunday] Russell Weiman + 21 + sheddable outer skin, flexibility, etc. = Grayscale
[otoselkie] Sophie Matheson = 15 + absorption

♥ The Valkyries --> Lead by Sonata, this is a group of tough, kick-ass ladies, mutant and human alike. Open membership (ladies only).

♥ The rEvolution --> Comparable to Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants from the original X-men, the members' beliefs are that "mutants are the next stage of evolution, whose purpose is to take over the throne of dominant species and to watch the extinction of the Homo sapiens. "Open membership (coed).