RPG Thread: Kara and Russell in Central Park

Kara frowned slightly at Freya's retreating figure, but the expression was only momentary, and she molded it skillfully into a playful smirk. She was trying to appear calm and laid back, but probably came off more irritable and anxious that anything. "So Russell," she began as casually as she could, "we're alooooone now." She winked and leaned forward to make teasing kissy faces at him.

"So," she began again rather abruptly, sitting back up with equal speed, "what around here tickles your fancy? I for one need to pick up idiot-girl" (she was referring to Whisper) "since she's probably fairly confused right now and escort her sorry ass to a coffee house or something. Actually, it'd make more sense for Freya to take her, but she doesn't seem to be too terribly concerned with what makes sense at the moment," she added, casting an irritated glance in Freya's general direction. "But once that's all taken care of, I say we go for a nice walk. I need to stretch my legs a bit." Then she stood up and stretched, exposing her stomach rather deliberately, and scratched at her rear before staring blankly at Russell, clearly indicating that she wanted to get going as soon as possible in an attempt to find the fallen Valkyrie, who she supposed was lying unconscious somewhere in the general vacinity.

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RPG Thread: Laura, Alex, and Freya go to the Valkyrie mansion!

[OOC: gasp! she speaks! :o! Yes, at long last, I am attempting to revive the rp session between LeeAnn, Noodles, and I. This post, obviously enough, is for Noodles and I. I just went back and re-read all the threads preceding this (quite a lot of reading, I must say @_@) for a bit of a refresher, and at 1:45 AM, I'm ready to go! *passes out*]

Freya's bemused smile twisted into a sinister smirk as she walked elegantly past Alexander and back towards the car. She hoped that Russell and Kara wouldn't kill each other while she was away (or rather, she hoped that Kara wouldn't kill Russell), but she knew that it was a risk she was going to have to take. She knew how valuable this time with Alexander and Laura would be. She knew that Alex was up to something, and she hoped that the guise of chatting innocently over a cup of tea would allow her to gain some insight as to what that something was (though she knew Alexander's reputation well enough to know that finding out his secrets wouldn't be nearly that simple). She also hoped that introducing Laura to the Valkyrie mansion would encourage her to join forces; not because of its impressive size and decor, but because of its honestly homey appeal and warm atmosphere. It would give Laura an inside view into how Freya truly operated, while giving Freya an opportunity to gain further insight into how Laura's mind worked. The perfect combination.


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RP Thread: Damien & Co at his house - Buffalo, NY

Damien and his newfound friends have arrived at his house without further incident. But not without discomfort.

After walking to the bus stop he led the trio aboard, crossing both his fingers in his pockets and hoping not to see anyone he knows or anyone who will ask questions because he's all out of alibis. At least he's all out of good ones.

He doesn't say much at all to the other girls during the ride - nothing, in fact. Damien's too busy staring out the window and, well, thinking. About everything in general. (But he doesn't want to think about thinking because then he'd just get himself all mixed up and not know where to start. And that wouldn't be a good thing. Not at all.)

So now, a couple of stops later, they've gotten off the bus at the entrance to his neighborhood. Large and elegant houses line the streets, and there's another upscale shopping mall across the 4-lane road. With a grocery store, in fact. Damien wonders for a moment why he didn't just go to that one instead. But then he wouldn't have met Sara and Rachel. Oh - and his mom has a frequent shopper pass at the other one. That's it. (The prices are better too, she says. But he just picks stuff up and doesn't pay attention to that.)

"Well, I guess we're here. My house is a bit further down the street, you don't mind walking, do you? But, uh, you're going to have to, I guess." He glances down the street. "...Let's go?"

[OOC - could the shopping mall across the road be the one Sophie's at? x3]
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RP log? Am I doing this right?

Sophie came home to an empty apartment and a note reading 'Buy chops and veggies for dinner, love Dad', accompanied by some money. William's out at one of his math classes, and Dad must be working late. So Sophie's on her own. She empties her backpack onto her bed and sets out. She might stop at the park after and sketch something after shopping, who knows? It's a nice day out.

The store isn't crowded, and Sophie is glad. She hates passing people in aisles. It just makes her feel uncomfortable. Like she's bothering them. Sophie picks up a bag of frozen peas and one of corn, and takes a number in the meat line. She reaches into her pocket to see exactly how much money Dad left when her palm starts to tingle.

Oh, no. Oh. No.

Sophie pulls her hand out of her pocket quick. Her hand doesn't feel weird any more. She checks her pocket again. No money. Her hand.

"Holy spit."

Sophie drops the packets she was holding and dashes out the door, avoiding a shopping cart in the process. Around the corner and onto a side street and she slumps against the wall, clutching her left hand. Sophie stares at her palm, willing it to disgorge the money. Out. Out. OUT! She squeezes her eyes shut and wills it out as hard as she can. Nothing. No tingle. Dispair starts to settle in her stomach. There have been times when she's had things in her body for weeks at a time – but she can't do that now! Dad'll be home soon, and she can't walk around with their dinner money in her hand. A lump swells in Sophie's throat. Out. Out. OUT! Still no effect. Sophie buries her head in her arms.

OOC: my first try at present tense. I know it sucks.
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RPG Thread: Freya and Kara, Valkyrie Mansion, NYC

Tick. tick. tick. tick. Groan. Tick. tick. tick. tick.

"GAH! I can't stand this anymore!"

Gunner looked up from her notes. She was sitting placidly at her desk going through a file on a recommended mutant girl, Shadow something. The noonday light from her window bathed the paperwork in a buttery golden colour and gave it a regal, elegant quality.

Kara D'Angelo swung her legs over the side of her cooshy cream-cloaked bed violently. "I need to get outta here, man! I'm going crazy like this!" She glared at the clock for emphasis. "It's Saturday, for Christ's sake! And what're we doing? We're stuck inside doing, what, paperwork?" She lifted her eyebrows accusingly at Gunner's paperwork.

"So go out and do something," Gunner replied, unfazed. "And don't criticize my paperwork," she added, turning back to her notes.

"Overachiever," Kara grumbled.

"I heard that."

Knock knock. "Am I interrupting something, ladies?"

Kara's eyes flew eagerly to the doorway, and she practically leapt up off the bed. Actually, she did. "Freya!" she exclaimed, then with a grin, "Nah, just one of our usual lovers' spats." Freya smirked. "You wanna do something?"

"Actually, that's why I came up here," Freya replied, glancing briefly over at Gunner, who continued to ignore them and work on her paperwork. She made a very deliberate mark with her pen and went on. "Feel like going on a reconnaissance mission?"

"Wait, you mean fieldwork?" Kara replied. She scoffed. "I thought you never went out scouting?"

"I'm not," Freya replied pointedly. "This is an ongoing investigation. I recently got a recommendation for a mutant girl living in Buffalo, and I wanna check it out. Just to see," she added, her eyes sparkling dangerously.

"Well, it's something to do." Kara shrugged. "Better than sitting around here with little Miss Boring-pants." She stuck her tongue out at Gunner, who promptly erected her middle finger in her general direction without turning around.

"Actually, Gunner's working on researching our little project." Kara raised her eyebrow. "Background stuff. Nothing terribly interesting, but important enough. So, you ready?"

"Any time you are." In a matter of moments Kara was bounding down the stairs after Freya and the two were shutting the door behind them. Up the stairs, Gunner leaned over her desk in intense concentration. She squinted, tilted her head slightly to one side. Sat back up. A deep sweeping motion with her pen. She turned the page.

***Collapse )

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